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tv   [untitled]    March 14, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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plan, and since the funds are available. i think it should be approved and i support all aspects of it. and i want to thank supervisor weiner for his support of this proje project. >> thank you. >> any additional public comment on this item? come on up. commissioners. when this proposal primary opponent, mda, said they speak for the neighborhood. i assure they don't. >> i am sorry, do you wish submit your name for the record. >> david garner. this proposal does not speak for me or dolores united. improvements like the proposed pedestrian plaza and 14-foot
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bulb outs make our neighborhood more livable. shorting the distance at crosswalks make our neighborhood more livable. street scapes make our neighborhood more livable. and finally creating gathering places for us and the neighbors make our neighborhoods more livable. and also they are invited to join dolores united. you are welcome. i and the members of dolores united fully support this. thank you. >> any additional public comment? okay, seeing none. public comment is closed. commissioner sugaya. >> thank you, i have a few questions. i don't know if this is directed to staff or the project sponsor.
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the project sponsor's estimate of cost is $510,000. and as i understand what we would be approving in terms of the agreement. that number would be used in the agreement specifically as the value that the project sponsor will be subtracting from the rest of the impact fee that they are subject to, is that correct? >> yes, that's correct. >> what happens if the project sponsor's construction costs for the improvements go beyond 510,000? does the project sponsor eat that cost? or does he -- or they have the ability to come back to the commission and say, sorry, the 510 suddenly bloomed to 650 or something. and we want to attract the
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additional amount off of what we are subject to. >> yes, they have the ability to come back to the commission and to basically readopt this. and this is a measure in the agreement that the director can approve a nonmaterial change. or increase to that amount. >> commissioner, my understanding is that i cannot approve an increase. >> nonmaterial increase. >> so if it went to 650, it would have to come back here. >> okay, and the amount that remains from 510, those are subject to a list of priorities that are wherein the neighborhood plan, is that correct? >> yes, that's identified. >> yes, and in terms of labor, are there labor considerations for the workers building these
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improvements? are they subject to any labor restrictions or use of union labor and that kind of thing? >> the parties that will be building it are web corp, that are building our projects, we are 100% union project. >> okay, thank you. and in terms of timing. will these improvements, i know you have topped out now. but are improvements subject to any occupancy permitting first? or can they build it 10 years from now or now? >> the improvements have to be in place before any first construction permit is sought for. but there is always this option if the improvements aren't able to provide it by then, they can
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have a letter of credit for same amount of $510,000. and once they provide those improvements, the city will give the money back. >> did you want -- >> sorry -- before the first occupancy. >> right, thank you. then in terms of -- i am quite supportive of this. but i think to talk to the neighborhood concerns for a moment. i imagine a lot of concern is not so much right-hand turns for market but obviously the left-hand turning cue from the side of market street. i think that the congestion, it seems to me in the future might arise from cars that are backing up out of the parking lot going to whole foods. staff, do you know -- the
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developer knows, how many parking spaces there are for whole foods in that underground? >> there 62 spaces. >> 62. >> not counting residential spac spaces. >> right, i would like to not make it a condition, but have staff i think be alert to once the project is finished. once whole foods is up and running and into the future. if there are cuing issues that the possibility exists that you can take the parking off of that depressed area. along the whole foods store. and that might relieve some congestion there. and it might require some cutting away of the sidewalk in that area right by the driveway. but that might be a small cost compared to having cars backed into the street. just -- i just voice that now as
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a concern that staff may want to keep aware of for the future. >> commissioner borden. >> yes, i am extremely supportive. i think we have heard a lot in the market-octavia planning area and here is an opportunity for the plan. i live three blocks from this intersection. so i am very familiar with it, and the traffic flow that goes on there. i think some concerns that the mission neighborhood has is not that founded. because it's a left-turning arrow light. you can't make a left turn unless the arrow allows. i think that six cars get to go at once. not that there is a huge bevy of cars to make that turn. i don't see the congestion
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problem that people are envisioning. and i know that this is a great intersection for the extension of the bulb out and the median. because there is a lot of sun in that intersection, it's an ideal place for the improvements. i understand the concern but i don't think it's founded. there is not a lot of traffic on that first block of dolores. there is more traffic people turning off of 14th and other streets along the way. the congested part of dolores and why there is a level service of b +. and it will change because whole foods is going in. but i don't think it's overwhelming. and i think that calming the traffic is important, if god forbid people are cuing. i think that the simulation was
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useful. i think there some disagreement but to have those for more projects it's a nice way to look at it t . the issue on sunday, the biggest congestion is people looking for parking. they are cuing and waiting for other people to move out. and take those spaces. which is why is the traffic is so bad. those on the median side are not going to church, i think going the park. i move to approve the conditions. >> second. >> commissioner hillis. >> i am supportive and the appreciate the staff and supervisor weiner and the neighbors coming out. i agree that that first block of dolores is not crowded. and that turn lane of how much
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traffic you get going in that street. i understand that people may foresee additional traffic there. i am bullied by the fact that many times our traffic analysis is right. and what happens after these projects is built is what is predicted. i am supportive. and i am encouraged that the cac has more development on market and more funding impact fees. as we look at the other intersections 15th and 16th are tough, i feel safer on market than those intersections. i encourage them to look at those. >> there is a report for intersections and future year to implement that study to make the capital improvement. that's a big priority in the
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cac. >> commissioner wu. >> i wanted to confirm with staff, for the portion of dolores with the bulb out, there is enough space for a bike and car? is that correct. i am supportive. and there is public transportation. i also live five blocks from here, i feel there is not the congestion problem that i see in other neighborhoods. >> commissioner antonini. >> i am supportive but have issues or concerns that i want to bring up. dolores is a better straight going southbound. for a couple of reasons, there is a left-turn lane for ga rir
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-- gariro. and i am not saying that people won't use gariro but people will use dolores with more median and see where you are going. dolores was not a wide street and the idea to create a freeway. and they took away the houses on gariro and ruined what was probably a pretty nice street. that's not what is before us. we have to look at this carefully and engineer it. and i know that the department will do that. you may need a longer light off of market turning on dolores. because there probably be some back-ups that occur. as a result of people lining up to get in the whole foods lot.
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and on sunday's as pointed out that eliminate a lane on dolores. and i assume you separate the walkers from the traffic. because there is a left turn lane there. and it means that the walkers and bicycles if you can control them, are not crossing dolores at the left-turn arrow. that's probably a good safety situation that already exists already. but making it shorter is a good thing. i believe there is no left turn off of dolores on market. you have to make the right now. and the question about the bike lane was asked. and i think those -- i do like the idea of raising that crossing a little bit. you would have to drive over a little to make the left on
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dolores. probably a good safety feature, not really high. but make it its -- makes it a pedestrian crossing than a cross-walk that is marked there. i understand the concerns of the mission dolores people. and if it does become a problem, i think there are things you can do with the traffic lights. by koor -- coordinating them to give more time for the left turn. and make ing sure that 14th has a left turn and they can continue on. that will back it on market if they can't be timed in a way to continue southbound on dolores. those are just some terrific things i am sure you will
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evaluate. and those concerns can be worked out by those types of things. >> commissioner moore. >> i would like to make a couple of comments. the project is successful for a number of reasons. one is pedestrian safety. and two, i think that quick implementation of street scape improvements, they are transforming the buildings, that would bring these improvements on the same time. that's not unfortunately the way it is. this project is exceptional because it delivers in one package. and why it has my support and we should strive more often to deliver at the same time. this building in his own right is exceptional large but i think that the street improvements
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from day 1 will create a more harmonious place. because it wides pedestrian walks and adds improvements such as benches and landscapes. that all in all bring it in the proper new scale. i have a few questions, the acute angle for a fire truck to come from market street to dolores was a 2.6 stabilized area. this is a concern. because just last week we approved the crestmont department and the fire department requires a right-angle street turning. and here we have an acute angle that is harder to turn for any truck in a single movement. and that's what the fire
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department requires, can you answer that question? >> yes, that's a great question, and we have coordinated expense -- extensively with the fire department. they did the turn. and the bulb out into dolores street would not affect that turn. they are sweeping wide into the median. and we tested it out just in case. and regarding your question about the fire code, requires 20 feet and we only require 14. and we worked with them on that. and the bulb out for the stabilizer and yes, we have worked with the fire department and they signed off. >> and because of the architect and dolores because of the palm trees and iconic because of the
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powerful trees. how does the new landscaping and the block that doesn't have landscaping at the moment. contribute or speak to the palm trees, could you explain that to us, please? >> i am april hill, the landscape architect for the project. what we have done with the street scape along dolores, we brought up the magnolias, down dolores to frame the palm trees. and that's the main street tree. and at the corner we are adding smaller trees not to block the view. but fun for pedestrians to sit in the new bench area and landscape with color and benches and bicycle parking. in general i think our idea was to enhance them by respecting them. and then continuing that promenade we saw on dolores
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street. >> thank you, that's a great explanation. and the trees and that's a wonderful idea. i am generally very supportive of this project. >> commissioner antonini. >> commissioner moore brought up a good point about that turn. and making sure if there is an area, we understand there is a bike lane or space for bikes. but if that radius part, the 14-foot bulb out is fine and you have the roundous radius and making sure it's gracious enough of the bike lane and traffic doesn't have to cut the corner to get in there. i think if tu -- if you look at that carefully it wouldn't compromise your plaza. but if that radius has to be shrunk for right turns and that
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might be an area. you have an easy cross and you have the median in the middle and putting them there. that may be an area to look at if conflicts arise. >> commissioners, there is a motion and second to approve the in-kind agreement for market street. [calling roll] >> so moved. commissioners, that motion passes unanimously, 7-0. >> the commission will take a short break and resume.
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